Friday, September 24, 2010


Our lesson this week (September 20) was taught by Megan and was about the World of Water.
The girls learned about...

  • Water conditions in other countries (in some places children don't get to go to school because so much time is taken up getting water!)
  • How much water is used in America versus other countries (150 gallons per person per day here! As little as 5 gallons per day in other countries)
  • How much water certain activities require (35 gallons for a bath, 26 for a 5 minute shower - we told them to take a bath with a sibling!)
  • How they can make a difference here by conserving water (their "homework" is to think of a way they can conserve water - they'll write about it in their journal next week)

We also explored the Wetlands (the girls drew pictures in their journals) and talked about the river flow of the Jordan River (somewhat unique because it flows South to North and into a dead lake.)

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