Thursday, July 8, 2010

Girl Scout Camp 2010!

This is a repost of information that was emailed to those that are attending camp this year.

Girl Scout Camp is coming up soon!  July 12-14 at Camp Cloud Rim.  Details about pickup/drop off, packing, etc are below.

Megan and I have a packet of information/forms that each of you will need to pick up.  Nancy, Melissa and Renee can pick that up from me (here at Suncrest) and Jamie, Becky and Diane can pick it up from Megan at her home (2494 West 12040 South).
The packet includes three forms that everyone needs to fill out for their girl scout; a Medication Log, an Outdoor Program Release Form and a Health History Form.  It also includes a packing list, camp rules and other information. These forms MUST be filled out or your daughter will not be allowed to camp.

General Camp Policies
When packing clothing please remember to follow the dress code requirements - these are listed in more detail in the packet you will pick up from Mandy or Megan, however, we felt these items were important and deserved to be highlighted.
  • Clothes need to be modest in nature and protect the girls from the elements (on average Camp Cloud Rim is 10-20 degrees cooler than the weather in the valley.)
  • Close-toed and close-heeled shoes and socks are required. Girls may wear water shoes or sandals (NO flip-flops) in the dock and shower areas only.
Please do not pack any flavored/scented items (chapstick, lotion, etc.) as it may attract wild animals into the tents.

If you would like to, you may send money for your girl scout to spend at the Trading Post (camp store). Items there range from $1 to $25 and can be purchased with cash or activity credits. Sending money is not necessary, but if you plan to send money with your daughter, we would suggest putting it into an envelope with her name on it and giving it to either Megan or myself. We'll take all the girls that brought money to the camp store at some point.

Pick Up/Drop Off
  • Have your girl scout at the Adventure Church at 12:30 on Monday, July 12.  Make sure she had eaten her lunch - we are not planning to stop on the way up. We will need to collect all three forms at this time - you're daughter won't be allowed to camp without them!
  • Please bring $5 cash for lunch on the way home. That money should be given to either Megan or myself - whomever your daughter would prefer to ride with is fine.
  • Plan to pick your daughter up from the Adventure church at 2:00 on Wednesday, July 14
If you have any additional questions, please let me know!
For those of you picking forms up from me, I will be home today between 2:00 and 6:00 and again after 9:00. I will be home tomorrow after 4:00 until about 6:00. After 6:00 my husband will be here, and I will leave the forms with him so you can pick them up if you need to while I'm gone. On Friday I will be here after about 1:00 - not planning to leave again that evening. Saturday and Sunday will be hit and miss, but I will probably be home for most of the day. You are welcome to call me on my cell (801.898.0588) or at home (801.601.8441) to find out where I am :)
Megans availability will vary - call her on her cell phone to verify that she is available for pick up (801.604.0804)

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